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Privacy Policy

March 23, 2022 by Softwentures Digital Solutions

Kandy Bungalow is committed to protecting guests’ personal information. The creation of this privacy policy was undertaken to illustrate the information we collect from bungalow guests and website visitors and the way in which we use that information. We will post any changes in our privacy policy from time to time on the website.


“Personal Information” refers to the details that can be used to identify any individual who uses the products/services of the website. The term “Personal Information” refers to the name, address, gender, and other details provided by you under your consent.


To Provide Superior Customer Service to our Guests

Kandy Bungalow collects personal information to assist in making your reservation more simple and easier, and in carrying out your request to ensure your needs are met when staying at the bungalow. In addition, personal information is collected to allow us to contact you in case of arising matters related to your stay with us. By maintaining the personal information of guests, you are able to reconcile statements/invoices and confirm prior transactions.

To Keep Our Guests and Owners Informed

Personal information may be used to provide guests with newsletters regarding the bungalow and to advise on any promotions, offers, discounts, or related news that may be of interest. In order to carry out this task, personal information may have to be retained and be shared with a third party. These companies could include communications and marketing companies, which are under contract with Kandy Bungalow and are contractually obligated to protect all information shared.

For Marketing Research

With regard to surveys, we may wish to contact you to receive your views on the bungalow and its service delivery. In most cases, information such as this is collected by a third party, who is under contract with Kandy Bungalow and as stated above, they are contractually bound to protect the personal information shared. This is done with an intention to understand the trends, needs, and expectations of guests.



1. On Our Website
Initially Upon Contact With Our Web Site

Whenever you visit a site, a cookie is stored in your computer and your computer is identified with a unique ID number. Cookies are small pieces of information that your browser stores on your computer’s hard disk. They simplify reservations by automatically filling up preferences already filled up on your previous visit to the site. Cookies are also used as a way of collecting website data such as the number of visitors and traffic to specific web pages. This helps us to understand which pages are popular among users and which are not. It also helps us to improve on the site based on page views and the number of visitors. You can set your computer to not store any cookies on your computer if you prefer. However, this may prevent you from using some of the functions we offer.

When accessing our website, your computer will assign a specific ID number, which will identify you whenever you visit our website. Although personal information such as name, age, and address will be anonymous at this point, cookies will allow us to make a log of every time you access the site. Once personal information is entered, we will combine your ID number with the contact information you provided, so that we can recognize you on future visits.


While Browsing Our Website

When you explore our website, there may be instances where online surveys or promotions will request you to provide personal information. In responding to this request if you wish to participate, you may have to provide information about your personal identities such as name and address. In instances such as this, we only use the information to suit the purposes you have specified.


2. When Making a Reservation
On Our Website

When making a reservation at the bungalow, you will be linked to our reservation system. Here, you will be required to fill out a reservation form the very first time you make a reservation. In completing the reservation form, you will be asked to provide specific details including your name, address, and other personal information. You will also have to enter certain guarantee and deposit details such as credit card information in order to secure your reservation. The completion of your reservation form shall serve as your acknowledgment and agreement to the terms and conditions contained in this Privacy Policy. Once your credit card is verified, Kandy Bungalow will confirm the reservation and process any payments. Since making a reservation involves personal information on credit cards, Kandy Bungalow Uses a secure system, where the credit card information is protected. In this process, the information is encoded before transmitting it to the intended recipient.

During your stay at the bungalow

From arrival to departure, we will record your itemized spending, including expenses billed to your room. This information will be carried out in compliance with financial reporting requirements, including those guidelines imposed by the government. In some cases, information specific to your stay at Kandy Bungalow may also be stored, such as service issues and payment difficulties. Other than these instances, we may also retain the contents of any documents provided by you such as e-mails, comments, letters, and electronic documents that you may have sent us before your stay. Such information is shared only with the rest of the staff at the bungalow, and not any third party.



At the bungalow

The bungalow goes to great measures to ensure that all Personal Information is kept in a secure location, be it a database or filing cabinet. Furthermore, we take steps to ensure that only designated individuals have access to this information.



Please note that e-mail communication is not secure, especially when conveying personal information. When requesting information using email, do not state your personal information such as your credit card number. In addition, when making reservations outside your home, make sure that you always close your browsers. It is recommended that you close your browsers immediately upon completion because if not, you will still be logged on to the page, and it will be easy for someone to gain access.



As mentioned before in this statement, third parties of Kandy Bungalow will receive personal information only in instances when their services are needed to better serve your needs as a guest. All third parties are contractually bound and will be legally obligated to comply with agreed-upon terms and conditions such as the protection of personal information.

In exceptional circumstances, personal information may be shared when legal regulations, judicial or official orders may require us to hand data over to the relevant authority or court. However, this is only undertaken within the framework of our legal obligations. Other instances where personal information is shared without your consent are if you have failed to pay the amount due and if your stay has been paid by a third party, then all billing information will be sent to the paying party.



If you wish to know what personal information we may have of you, you can make a request and we will be more than happy to assist you with your requirements. However, in order to protect the personal information of guests, we require that you prove your identity at the time the request is made. You have the option of requesting in person or via letter. Kandy Bungalow reserves the right to decline access to your personal information under certain circumstances. If your personal information will not be disclosed, you will be provided with the reasons for this non-disclosure.



Your personal information will be stored for the period of time required by law. It may be stored indefinitely by Kandy Bungalow as long as there is a business purpose for doing so. From time to time we may delete your personal information if you have not stayed with us in a number of years.



Any changes to the privacy policy will be posted on this website. Changes of use will not apply retroactively to Personal Information for which you have given explicit consent, which was acquired before the change to the Privacy Policy except as may be required by law. If you do not agree with the changes in the privacy policy, you may send us a letter or email. However, if you do not object, it shall be taken as an indication of your agreement.



Questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy should be directed to the following address:

The Kandy Bungalow
2/212, Victoria Bungalows,
Sri Rahula Mawatha,